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Online slots have been a massive hit in recent years, moving from land based venues to online action has only made reel spinners more popular. That popularity is about to go to a new height with the mobile gaming revolution that is currently happening, and while other classic casino and betting games are going mobile, it is online slots that are so far making the biggest impact and are arguably the most suited to playing on mobile phones and tablets.

Smartphones and iconic devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad are paving the way for a whole new way to play the very best online slot titles, and with data connections better than ever the mobile experience is here to stay.

History of Mobile Slots

Back in the old days, to play a slot machine we would have to head out, brave whatever weather was being thrown at us and head to a local bookmakers or casino. The internet changed the way we played online slots, making it possible to play from home, to win from home, and to have fun from home. Unlike bingo which is social, slot gaming has always been a more lonely game, so playing from home was a very natural progression.

Online slots thanks to their quick nature become a casual gamers dream when they landed online; players were also bowled over by games that offer video game style graphics and game play but with the real chance of winning money. In many ways slots are the blockbusters of the gaming world, and have become massively popular online.

Online slot brands have been looking for ways to bring their services to mobile devices for some years, but for a long time they were held back by the restrictions in technology. Simply put, a few years ago mobile devices were not advanced enough to power the high quality graphics and in-depth game play of online slots.

In the last few years that has changed, devices such as tablets and smartphones can now easily run online slots, and this has opened up a world of possibility.

Advantages of Playing Slots on Mobile Devices

As I said, online slots are the ultimate casual gaming experience, offering players the ability to play short stints of long stints, while also delivering the kind of game play and looks typically reserved for console gaming. In the past playing slots meant having to take a few hours of your time, mostly because you first had to get to the place you would play them. Of course, online gaming changed that and allowed us the chance to play online slots from the comfort of our own home. This was massively convenient, but with the quick fire nature of slots more convenience was needed and mobile gaming offered the perfect answer.

Casual gamers love online slots, simply because it is possible to play them for 30 seconds (one spin) minutes (a few spins) or hours (many spins), However, if you just want one or two spins on your favorite slot titles then do you really want to power up your computer, sign in to your casino account, find the game you want, and then just spin once? Probably not is the answer, but with online slots available on your mobile you can just pick it up anywhere with the minimum of fuss.

Needless to say, portability is the main advantage of playing online slots on a mobile device. You can be anywhere, on the train to work, on the beach on holiday, or sneaking in the office and no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to play online slots. You will also be able to head to your favorite slot venues at convenient times, if there is a bonus you want to take advantage of for example, meaning you do not need to miss anything exciting.

Mobile Slot gaming will take the game to the next level in terms of global popularity as it can become just a pick up and play experience for millions of people.

Where to Find Mobile Slot Services

The versatility of online slots is a major advantage when looking for where to play on your mobile device. You can find slots on most dedicated gaming venues, for example an online bingo venue will have slots, an online casino will have slots, and an online sportsbook will have slots, while of course there are also dedicated slots venues. That means you can simply use your mobile browser to play your favorite titles online on your mobile phone or tablet.

Many online casino offer their own dedicated mobile apps, there contain some of their best online slot titles, and while the whole catalog is not normally included there is usually plenty to get your teeth into. These apps can be easily found on most casinos, as they are quick to advertise their mobile departments these days.

Increasingly there is also a rise in the number of dedicated apps finding their way to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, so be sure you look around to find some great online slot apps that are available. For example, IGT, the premier online slot developer is slowly releasing some of its hit slot titles via app stores.